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You found it!  You saw SEARCHDOG featured on Hallmark Home & Family, iHeartDogs, or maybe you found us through your dog loving friends. 


SEARCHDOG is an 88 minute feature documentary that immerses the viewer in the powerful, inspiring, and life-saving bonds shared by Search & Rescue specialists and their dogs.

Packed with passion, humor, and "treats," SEARCHDOG shows what's possible when two species work together, rely on each other, and dedicate their lives to saving others.

Where can I see it?

SEARCHODG is now available to pre-order on iTunes.  On July 18th, it will be available on Amazon & GooglePlay.   Sign up for our SEARCHDOG DIARIES newsletter to get notified of our release, get sneak peak treats, enter your name to win a free download and get weekly stories & inspirational rewards sent to you right from the Search & Rescue K9 Community.