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I am a passionate filmmaker, and am inspired by those persons (and dogs!) who give selflessly, courageously.  I am also a professor, and learn as much from my students as I do from my books.

Be inspired. Tim Maurice: The Story behind the SEARCHDOG Original Score


Meet SEARCHDOG COMPOSER & MUSICIAN, TIM MAURICE. Listen to our podcast interview with him HERE

TIM MAURICE on his motivation for composing for SEARCHDOG: "I wanted to tell the story of this "dialogue" that goes on between the searchers and their dogs.  What's amazing about Search & Rescue with a K9 is that the dog cannot do the job on it's own, nor can the handler, they must do it together. Telling that story was powerful to me. Not only that, but some of the dogs featured in the movie were rescues ... previously abused and neglected.  So there are so many amazing parts to this story that I had the opportunity to try to tell".