Big WOOF of Thanks

WE DID IT! Thanks to YOU.

On Jan. 2, 2014, we successfully crossed the finish line on our Kickstarter Campaign, raising $73,498 to fund SEARCHDOG [RELIANCE: The Inside Story of Search & Rescue Dogs.]

We are blown away by the support we received over the course of the campaign and are thrilled that so many of you also believe in the story.

A big and heartfelt WOOF! of thanks to everyone who contributed to helping us reach our goal – and then some! – so that we could ring in 2014 with success. We could not have done it without you. 

Lori McGinity Gormley                               Mary Louise Cowart

Peter DiLullo                                                Jamiel Financial Advisors LLC
Barbara J. Setterlin                                      Anne Marie Balboni
JP McIntyre                                                  Ann Donofrio
Mike Bagnall                                                Corrine Healey
Winnie Brownell                                           Heidi B. Kummer, MD
Brian Shea                                                    Eileen Collins
Sheena Tompkins                                        George Luz Jr
Jeffrey Hellyer                                              Paula Silva
Virginia M. Peters                                         Louis DeQuattro
Joan Karter                                                   Mary Cappello
Jered Cady                                                   Michele Fleury
Ricardo Corona                                            Myrna Burton
Joseph Fournier                                           Paul Zarrella
Joe Brennan                                                 Marsha Penner
Lori E. Gordon, DVM                                    Heidi H. Jamiel
Carolina Jamiel                                            Paul Mershon
Trisha Callella                                               Helen Moreno
Daniel King                                                   Jane Nadelson
Barbara Bowers                                           Marian Gagnon, Goodnight Irene Productions
Leigh Medeiros                                            Patricia Marinaro
Ellen Bushnell                                              Arthur J. Fraser
Vikki Fenton Anderberg                             Robin Martino
Michele Hassett Krause                              Mark Brancato
Thomas Gulluscio Jr.                                   Jodi LaCroix
Mary K. Steele                                              Annie Macgregor
Julie Roland                                                 Lisa A Penree
Jean-Marc & Sugar                                      Elizabeth Carr
Dennis Guzlas                                              LJ Henley
H. Rosenblatt                                                Ann Willoughby
Kathy Hinds                                                  K9 Shiloh Greater Atlantic Rescue Dogs
David Hoffer                                                 Leon Herbert Photography
Lou Grabham                                                Elizabeth P Noyes
Diana Wright                                                 Joanne Lurgio
Elvis Link                                                       Sara J. Martinez
Sandra Baker                                                Shawn D. Porter
Allison Newsome                                         Carlton Solle
Poodle Bob                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Thomas DelFarno
Paul Rocha                                                    Joyce Bakker
Cianna Marinelli                                            David Stewart
Diane Gariglio                                               Mark Baker
Kathy Hall                                                      Rupert Whiteley
Carolyn Colton                                             Jeffrey Helsdon
The Silva Family                                           Angela Bross
Lane Wyrick                                                  Barbara Flannery
Nancy Roberts                                              Rufus Roonie
Karen Gautney                                              Patrick & Delia Fitzgerald with K9 Foxy
Barry Yeoman                                                Norbert Mundorf
Tracy Nelson                                                 Robert Barnwell
Sebastian Baumer                                        HawtPaws
Holly Hox                                                       Elizabeth Blair
SAR Shop                                                      Marco & Jess Capaldi                                          

Kate Bell                                                        K9 Sammy & All the Chesapeak Search Dog K9s!
Penny King                                                    Cynthia Branca

Mark Zarrella

The Murphy Family Foundation

Kim Sterret, RN


Don't see you name here and you contributed for a reward that gets your name on the "Wall of Thanks"? We're a team of exactly ONE on the Kickstarter. We want to keep our 500+ backers happy, but that's a lotta email. Send a gentle reminder and we'll do our best!